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NATALIE Maines has revealed how she was brought
NATALIE Maines has revealed how she was brought to tears when she saw a mother teaching her two-year-old....details

ROB Lowe could be the next Charlie Sheen.
The suave star is reportedly in line to replace the troubled actor on the hit show Two and a Half Men....details

SIMON Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John
SIMON Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John for criticizing TV talent shows.The X Factor boss who has previously....details

HAILEE Steinfeld insists
HAILEE Steinfeld insists her life hasnt always been so rosy.The actress, 14, says she was bullied so....details

ADAM Sandler loved seeing Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston
ADAM Sandler loved seeing Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston get half-naked for their new movie Just....details

Amanda Seyfried said it was ''uncomfortable'' kissing Megan Fox
The 23-year-old actress locks lips with the Hollywood beauty for their new horror film "Jennifer's Body," but insists it was an awkward scene to film because she knows it will "turn on" the audience.She..
Chloe Sevigny is reportedly dating Jason Segel
"Zodiac" actress Chloe was reportedly smooching with the "How I Met Your Mother" star at a post Emmy Awards party on Sunday night (September 20, 2009).A source said: "At about midnight, Segel and Sevigny..

Chace Crawford is a good looking chap and he knows it!
The Gossip Girl star says he doesnt need to work hard at being attractive because both his parents, dermatologist dad Chris and teacher mother Dana, are gorgeous.Im blessed, he said. I have a beautiful..
Johnny Depp hates dancing
Johnny Depp hates dancing but he was persuaded to show off his fancy footwork in new movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.Imaginarium director Terry Gilliam has revealed how the Pirates of The Caribbean..

Is Leona Lewis about to become the new bad girl of pop?
The Bleeding Love hitmaker has reportedly gotten herself a secret Hebrew tattoo on her wrist and she wont reveal what it says!However, Leona did dish that the inking is an ode to her longtime boyfriend,..
I have been wanting to direct my whole life, Barrymore said
Drew Barrymore has called her career as an actress, director and producer an amazing hat balancing act.The star who made her directing debut in new movie Whip It! insists she is happy juggling multiple..

Fresh Faces Liven Up the Emmy Race
With Family Guy the first animated show to be nominated as best comedy series in nearly half a century, things are looking a little different for this year's 61st annual Primetime Emmys. TV's biggest night..
Megan Fox is scared of her ''supernatural'' sexual power 
The "Jennifer's Body" actress who is widely regarded as the world's most beautiful woman was overwhelmed by how influential her looks and body could be and was unsure how to use her attractive assets..

Charlize Theron knows ''a lot'' of sex addicts
The "Burning Plain" actress understands the pain and confusion that surround sexual obsessions, and the way they tear families apart. The 34-year-old star: "I've personally met a lot of parents, actually,..
Gisele Bundchen is reportedly expecting a boy
The 29-year-old supermodel is due to give birth to her first child with husband Tom Brady, 32, in December and the couple are planning to call the infant Gabriel. A source told National Enquirer magazine:..

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