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NATALIE Maines has revealed how she was brought
NATALIE Maines has revealed how she was brought to tears when she saw a mother teaching her two-year-old....details

ROB Lowe could be the next Charlie Sheen.
The suave star is reportedly in line to replace the troubled actor on the hit show Two and a Half Men....details

SIMON Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John
SIMON Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John for criticizing TV talent shows.The X Factor boss Ч who has previously....details

HAILEE Steinfeld insists
HAILEE Steinfeld insists her life hasnТt always been so rosy.The actress, 14, says she was bullied so....details

ADAM Sandler loved seeing Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston
ADAM Sandler loved seeing Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston get half-naked for their new movie Just....details

Lindsay Lohan's father claims she is addicted to prescription drugs
Michael Lohan Ц who has a history of drug abuse himself Ц wants to help the "Mean Girls" actress beat her reliance on legal substances as he's terrified she will end up dead. He told website RadarOnline:..
Heath Ledger used to confide his problems to Verne Troyer
The late actor Ц who died of an accidental drug overdose in January 2008 Ц bonded with his "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" co-star over dinner and amazed the "Austin Powers" star with revelations..

Patrick Swayze and his wife visited a psychic
Patrick Swayze and his wife visited a psychic after experiencing marriage difficulties.The "Ghost" actor, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in September, and Lisa Niemi were on the verge of divorce..
Sharon Stone has had two miscarriages
The "Basic Instinct" actress Ц who has three adopted sons Roan, Laird and Quinn - lost two children in the past, describing the experience as unbearable. The 51-year-old star said: "I had two pregnancies..

Vince Vaughn thinks men become yoga instructors so they can ''dry-hump'' women
The "Couples Retreat" actor was horrified when he went to a class and saw the "creepy" instructor draping himself all over his unsuspecting students. The 39-year-old star said: "I had a girlfriend in Los..
Mel Gibson's drunk-driving conviction has been expunged
The 53-year-old actor pled no contest to misdemeanor driving under the influence (DUI) charges in July 2006 when he was arrested on suspicion of the offense Ц when he infamously launched into an obscene..

Robert Pattinson's life story is being made into a film
The 23-year-old British actor Ц who shot to worldwide fame playing vampire Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" franchise after previously appearing as Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"..
Brooke Shields is ''fine'' after being involved in a plane crash
The 44-year-old actress and actor Jim Belushi had landed at a private airport in Hearst Castle, California, on Friday (October 2, 2009) when the plane collided with a parked Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)...

Johnny Depp is directing a music video
The "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor was spotted in the UK shooting the new promo for British band Babybird on Tuesday (September 22, 2009).RadarOnline reports: "A scruffy Johnny Depp was snapped in the..
GEORGE CLOONEY broke his hand
George Clooney's driver took him to a dentist when he broke his hand.The Hollywood actor was in a great deal of pain when he slammed his digits in a car door while at his home in Lake Como, Italy, and..

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