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NATALIE Maines has revealed how she was brought
NATALIE Maines has revealed how she was brought to tears when she saw a mother teaching her two-year-old....details

ROB Lowe could be the next Charlie Sheen.
The suave star is reportedly in line to replace the troubled actor on the hit show Two and a Half Men....details

SIMON Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John
SIMON Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John for criticizing TV talent shows.The X Factor boss who has previously....details

HAILEE Steinfeld insists
HAILEE Steinfeld insists her life hasnt always been so rosy.The actress, 14, says she was bullied so....details

ADAM Sandler loved seeing Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston
ADAM Sandler loved seeing Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston get half-naked for their new movie Just....details

NICOLE Kidman is finding it harder to work now her daughter is getting older
The Oscar-winning actress doesnt want to disrupt 17-month-old Sunday Roses schedule too much so has turned down roles so they can remain in their Nashville home.I just can never be away from her, so..
Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have reportedly split up
The Hollywood couple who began dating in 2007 have decided to call time on their relationship but sources insist the break-up is amicable. One said: "There are no other people involved. The relationship..

Penelope Cruz loves burgers
The slender star doesn't follow a strict diet and indulges in her favorite fast food treats regularly even stopping off for a calorific meal before winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role..
Judi Dench admits shes worried about dying
The actress, 75, says her mortality is always on her mind now she is older.I think about dying all the time but I push it to the back of my mind, she said. Why? Because of fear of course.Dench says..

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper are passed to more serious relations
RENEE Zellweger and her beau Bradley Cooper look set to take their romance to the next level the pair have been seen house-hunting together in Los Angeles!Bradley has already ready introduced the Bridget..
Jennifer Aniston will play Adam Sandler's wife in a new movie
The "Baster" actress is reportedly in negotiations to star opposite the "Happy Gilmore" actor in romantic comedy "The Pretend Wife" formerly known as "Holiday In Hawaii" - though plot details are being..

Nicolas Cage is being sued by his ex-wife for $13 million
Christina Fulton - mother of Cage's son Weston, 18 has been caught up in the furore around the star's present financial difficulties, and is demanding the massive payment as compensation for "mental,..
Mischa Barton prefers kissing girls
The former "The O.C." actress finds it easier to relax during lesbian scenes for her film and TV shows because there is none of the tension that can build up when she has to get romantic on camera with..

Uma Thurman is single again
The "Kill Bill" star and multimillionaire hotelier Arpad Busson have reportedly ended their year-long engagement following a row over money.A source said: "The engagement ended awhile back almost two..
EVA Longoria is addicted to Mexican food
The Desperate Housewives actress insists that despite her svelte figure, she is a dedicated foodie and loves nothing more than gorging on dishes from the south of the border.Anytime there is Mexican..

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