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NATALIE Maines has revealed how she was brought
NATALIE Maines has revealed how she was brought to tears when she saw a mother teaching her two-year-old....details

ROB Lowe could be the next Charlie Sheen.
The suave star is reportedly in line to replace the troubled actor on the hit show Two and a Half Men....details

SIMON Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John
SIMON Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John for criticizing TV talent shows.The X Factor boss Ч who has previously....details

HAILEE Steinfeld insists
HAILEE Steinfeld insists her life hasnТt always been so rosy.The actress, 14, says she was bullied so....details

ADAM Sandler loved seeing Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston
ADAM Sandler loved seeing Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston get half-naked for their new movie Just....details

Cameron Diaz still feels her father's presence everywhere
The "Bad Teacher" actress - whose dad Emilio Diaz passed away two years ago aged 58 - admits she was unprepared of the devastation she would feel when he died, but has gradually come to terms with her..
Miley Cyrus has never had a ''normal'' life
The 17-year-old star - insists finding fame in "Hannah Montana" didn't change her dramatically because she had lead such an unconventional lifestyle because of her famous father Billy Ray Cyrus. She said:..

Dennis Hopper's funeral is to take place today
The 74-year-old actor Ц who lost his battle with cancer on Saturday (May 29, 2010) will be lade to rest in Taos, New Mexico, the town where he wrote, filmed and edited his legendary movie "Easy Rider."Family..
Katherine Heigl is planning to have another baby
The "Killers" actress - who already raises nine-month-old adopted daughter Naleigh with her husband Josh Kelley - admits they are thinking about extending their brood further and hope to have another child..

Kristen Stewart thinks she's lucky not to be like Lindsay Lohan
The "Twilight Saga" actress is pleased to have had the support of her family during her rise to fame, and admits it is easy for young stars to lose their way in life.She said: "My family are amazing. I..
Scarlett Johansson has bought a house in Louisiana
The actress and her husband Ryan Reynolds have splashed out on a modest two-storey property, which comes with spacious grounds and a number of outbuildings. The couple are said to be working on the colonial-style..

Sarah Jessica Parker keeps secrets from her husband
The ''Sex and the City'' actress - who has seven-year-old son James Wilkie and 11-month-old twin daughters Marion and Tabitha with spouse Matthew Broderick - believes the key to a good marriage is to retain..
Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry will live together this summer
Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry will live together this summer so he can look after their two-year-old daughter Nahla.The Oscar-winning beauty and her 34-year-old former partner - who split up last month..

Helen Mirren finds sexuality ''intriguing''
The Oscar-winning actress visited a brothel to prepare for her role as a brothel owner in new movie "Love Ranch" and found the experience fascinating as she hadn't realized quite how powerful prostitutes..
Angelina Jolie is to throw a soldier-themed birthday party for her daughter
The actress and partner Brad Pitt - who raise six children together - are already planning a celebration for when their daughter Shiloh turns four next week after the youngster requested a similar bash..

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