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Jennifer Lopez
mid 1970s Girl in the Middle
David Lopez and Guadalupe Rodriguez encourage their three daughters to perform skits in their Bronx home, igniting a strong desire to perform in their second daughter, Jennifer. After high school graduation, she appears in the 1987 film My Little Girl with Mary Stuart Masterson and James Earl Jones. She also dances in the musical Synchronicity in Japan.

1991 September 22
Happy Feet
Lopez gets a big Hollywood break as a fancy-footed Fly Girl on the Wayans brothers' hit Fox comedy show In Living Color, soon graduating to dramatic roles on TV's Second Chances and South Central.

1995 The Hollywood Train
After starring alongside Jimmy Smits and Edward James Olmos in Mi Familia, Lopez stars in the action comedy Money Train (left) with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. "She's as beautiful as a model, but she can act," director Joseph Ruben tells PEOPLE. She also begins filming Blood and Wine with Jack Nicholson in Miami, where she spots 23-year-old Cuban waiter Ojani Noa.

1997 February 22
Husband No. 1
Lopez weds Ojani Noa in Miami in front of 200 friends and family, including Oliver Stone, who directed Lopez in U-Turn. The marriage lasts 13 months, but the couple remains friends, with Noa managing Lopez restaurant Madre's in 2002. In 2006, though, Lopez sues Noa, charging that he demanded $5 million to shelve a tell-all book about their relationship.

March 21
Breakthrough Role
Lopez brings the murdered Tejano singer Selena back to life in a biopic, but not before beating out 11,000 competitors who flocked to auditions around the country and winning approval from Selena's padre Abraham Quintanilla. Comedian Paul Rodriguez, a Quintanilla family friend, tells PEOPLE, "Looking at Jennifer, you could swear that the killing was all just a bad nightmare."

1998 June 26
Latina Siren
Lopez stars as a sexy federal marshal with George Clooney in the Oscar-nominated film Out of Sight. Entertainment Weekly critic Owen Gleiberman says, "Lopez, for all her Latina siren voluptuousness, has always projected a continued coolness, and this is the first movie in which it fully works for her."

1999 June 01
Crossover Queen
Lopez's debut album, On the 6 – named after the subway train that shuttled her between her Bronx home and Manhattan dance auditions – produces five hit singles, including "If You Had My Love," and goes triple platinum.

September 27
A Walk on the Wild Side
Lopez goes public with her new squeeze, hip-hop bad boy Sean Puffy Combs, who has a reported $250 million empire. Puffy, as he is known at the time, produced and wrote a track for On the 6, while a scantily clad Lopez appeared on the cover of his Notorious. They appear at Combs' Labor Day bash at his East Hampton, N.Y., mansion in matching white outfits. "She wants to be with someone who will protect her," her ex-husband Ojani Noa tells PEOPLE.

December 27
Bad Night
Lopez and Combs are hauled into a Manhattan police station after fleeing a nightclub where a member of Combs' entourage fired several shots into the air when a bar patron insulted Combs. Three bystanders are injured by stray bullets. After chasing the couple through 11 red lights and finding a loaded gun in the front seat of their vehicle, police fingerprint and handcuff a sobbing Lopez to a bench, where she is grilled for 14 hours before being cleared and released. Combs, however, is charged with illegal handgun possession and bribery and will remain under a cloud until his acquittal nearly two years later. The shooter is found guilty on several charges.

2000 February 23
Rocking the Red Carpet
Despite their legal maelstrom, Lopez and Combs appear carefree as they saunter down the red carpet at the Grammys. But all eyes – and cameras – are focused on Lopez's barely there Versace gown, making her hot copy for days. South Park creator Trey Parker is so impressed that he shows up at the Oscars a few weeks later in a knockoff of the dress.

2001 January 26
A Double Header
Lopez tops the box office with The Wedding Planner, costarring Matthew McConaughey. Her paycheck for the film is $9 million – the highest salary ever paid to a Latina actress. She also releases her sophomore album J.Lo which debuts at No. 1, making her the first to have the top album and top film simultaneously.

February 14
No More Diddy
Combs and Lopez breakup. Three weeks earlier, Combs tried to stave off the split by releasing 100 white doves and 100 pink balloons outside her home, even though published reports already linked her with Cris Judd, an L.A. dancer who toured with her and appeared in her "Love Don't Cost a Thing" video.

September 29
Lopez Marries Cris Judd
After a month-long engagement, Lopez ships in 10,000 white and pastel rosebuds to scent the air around the tree-lined path to the altar where she will exchange vows with Judd.

Best Dressed
Lopez launches JLo, the clothing line inspired by her sexy-girlie street style. "I have a very curvaceous body," Lopez says, reports Teen People. "I like to accentuate that with feminine clothes. Things that make me feel sexy." Five months later she will also launch a line of fragrances and cosmetics.

Giggly Gigli
With a $3 million bump in salary from her $9 million high for The Wedding Planner, Lopez begins production on the mob comedy Gigli, where she meets her new leading man, Ben Affleck.

2002 March
Affleck's $3,000 Proclamation
Feeding published reports of sparks on the set of Gigli, Affleck takes out a $3,000 ad in the Hollywood Reporter praising Lopez's "graciousness of spirit, beauty in courage, great empathy, astonishing talent, real poise and true grace." In April, Affleck shows up for the opening of Lopez's new Pasadena restaurant Madre's, which is managed by her ex-husband Ojani Noa, but current husband Cris Judd is still the lady's date.

June 07
Curtain Call for Cris
Lopez goes to film Maid in Manhattan in New York, but Judd remains in L.A. Meanwhile, Affleck is seen hanging in her trailer on location. Lopez and Judd's marriage hits the rocks. "Cris wanted this to work," a pal tells PEOPLE. "I'm sure he thought it would last. Marriage is very sacred to him. He didn't take it lightly or he wouldn't have done it."

July 22
Introducing Bennifer
Three days before Lopez files for divorce, she introduces Affleck to friends as her boyfriend at Miami hot spot Nobu, the same bistro where she gave Combs the heave-ho the year before. "When she wants to do something, she doesn't wait," friend and fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon tells PEOPLE. "She wants it now." Thus begins Bennifer's lip-locked summer road show, which climaxes in November with a 6.1-carat pink engagement ring. "She was very surprised – and she's not used to being surprised," a friend tells PEOPLE. "Everybody's in a love-fest mood."

2003 August 01
Gigli Takes a Hit
Gigli opens to scathing reviews. The L.A. Times calls the film "nearly as unwatchable as it is unpronounceable." The rancid critical reaction causes Miramax to postpone the release of their second film together, Jersey Girl. By mid-January, they call off their wedding and their torturous relationship all-together.

February 14
Rapid Rebound
Three weeks after calling off her engagement to Affleck, Lopez is basking in the adoration of former flame Marc Anthony at her Miami Beach mansion. On June 5, Lopez, wearing Vera Wang and $7 million worth of Neil Lane jewelry, marries Anthony at her Beverly Hills mansion.

2005 March 01
Lopez follows up her 2002 This Is Me...Then album, which immortalized her relationship with Ben Affleck in the video "Jenny from the Block" and "Dear Ben," with a new compilation of dance ditties and breezy pop tunes. Sales peak at 1.5 million.

December 05
Passion Projects
Lopez and Anthony film El Cantante, the story of salsa king Hector Lavoe, with Lopez's production company producing the project. The couple also works together on her first full-length Spanish language album, Como Ama Una Mujer (How a Woman Loves).

2006 June 11
Puerto Rican Pride
Lopez and Anthony serve as grand marshals for the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City. That January, with an estimated $255 million empire that includes music, movies, clothes and fragrances, the New York-bred Latina gets top billing in People en Español's list of the top 100 Most Influential Hispanics.

2007 January 15
A Dancer's Life for Lopez
The former Fly Girl returns to her roots with the MTV reality show Dancelife, acting as executive producer and appearing in only two episodes. The show follows six Los Angeles-based dancers as they audition for Lopez, Ashlee Simpson, Nelly Furtado, Gap and Candies. "It's a tough life and I want to show that struggle," Lopez says to "These dancers have dedicated their lives to this, and honestly, the glory is not always there."

May 07
All-Time Most Beautiful
Lopez makes her seventh appearance on PEOPLE's Most Beautiful list. Her beauty goal? "I like to look good for Marc," she tells PEOPLE, describing her look as "classic at times, rock and roll, earthy and feminine at others." Monster-in-Law costar Jane Fonda says, "She looks like a piece of Mayan sculpture, and her skin is really beautiful."

September 11
Lopez's Baby Bump
Pregnancy rumors begin circulating when Lopez hits the runway of her fashion show in a dress that reveals a baby bump. Then, while on tour with her husband and promoting her album, Brave, the singer dons a series of roomy outfits that bump up the baby talk. After keeping mum, Lopez finally confirms her pregnancy in November.

2008 February 22
Welcome, Max and Emme!
Lopez and Anthony welcome twins,
a boy named Max and a girl named Emme. The glowing mom introduces her babies to the world in an exclusive spread with PEOPLE. "I miss felling them inside of me," Lopez tells PEOPLE. "It's funny – when their little umbilical cords fell off, I cried. That was the last attachment we had where it was just us."

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